One of my clients come to me and say that visual composer element does not load in page editor after the update to WordPress 4.8.

When I checked it will show like below image.

The error I get “$template.get is not a function” in the browser console.

After some time of googling, I got this link and got the solutions.

If you have the same error then please follow listed below steps. My case has Salient them installed on a client’s website.

Step: 1 Open this location themes/salient//wpbakery/js_composer/assets/js/backend/

Step: 2 Then open composer-view.js file

Step: 3 Replace below code at line number 62 and save file

Step:4 Then check your page editor your problem will fixed.

Feel free to ask any questions if have.

Congratulation Nirav for new journey of life.

We enjoyed two day of nirav marriage very much at native village of nirav with team Z Index Solutions (Bhavin, Ravi and Parth).

Of course we played lots of garba (There is no Gujju Marriage without Garba) at function and visited old temple.

400 to 500 Year of temple

400 to 500 Year of temple


Yuvraj Ravi and Bhavin

Team Z Index Solutions (Bhavin, Ravi and Yuvraj)

Recently one of our project we need to delete some date from the custom table once user deleted. So that 10 minutes of google got the solutions and solutions is as per below.

Note: Once the user deletes that time “delete_user” action will call and action is as per below.

Let’s I try to explain step by step how to delete data in the custom table.

In our case, we have to delete data in six table and all tables are as per screenshot.

PHP Code is as per below.

Check and let me know have any question.

Hello friends we are happy to announce the launch of the new website for Zanderm India. Check here (

Client want to make e – commerce website that will showcase and sell products, Gallery, Clients feedback, blog post and other details . So we developed e – commerce website exactly client wants.

For more details check here. Let me know your comments regarding project.

Hello, We have a job vacancy of Business Development Executive at Z Index Solutions.

Check out the full details about job at here. Send your updated resume at