One of my projects, When try to push my work on bitbucket using Git Base it gives me failed to push error.

After the google, got the solutions. Thanks to @Javier Parra

You have the same error then try below commands

git push origin master –force
or short of force -f

git push origin master -f


Happy to announce just started a new online e-commerce business with my five friends with

At we provide a wide range of smartphone cases with a lot of design and models.

In future we are coming with T-shirts and  other products

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Updates (11-09-2019) acquired by surat based party.

Congratulation Nirav for new journey of life.

We enjoyed two day of nirav marriage very much at native village of nirav with team Z Index Solutions (Bhavin, Ravi and Parth).

Of course we played lots of garba (There is no Gujju Marriage without Garba) at function and visited old temple.

400 to 500 Year of temple

400 to 500 Year of temple


Yuvraj Ravi and Bhavin

Team Z Index Solutions (Bhavin, Ravi and Yuvraj)